We believe in a world without harmful pollution, so we designed a boat totally self-sufficient by solar energy – and named it Freepower


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The project

The project goal is to reduce use of fossil fuel and fight poverty.


The Freepower solar boat is designed to be 100% self-sufficient of energy so there is no need for plug-in charging. The end product will be approx. 6m long, cruise at 5kt with a range of 4h/day without charging.


The prototype is 4,5m long and equipped with a Torqeedo Cruise 2.0, Li-Ion battery and mono crystalline solar panels. The prototype hull is made of aluminum, but other hull materials are investigated for the real product.


The target market is small scale fishing in development countries but other markets suitable for the product can be considered.


The prototype is sponsored by GPBM Industry to promote their Green Investments plan.


A pilot version is under development suitable for test to target market. 


Bjurtech is looking for a business partner or investor for fast growth. Please contact if interested in the project idea.


Why Freepower?

It's quite simple.

Freepower is a boat self-sufficient on energy from the sun.

Financed by micro loans to fishermen in development countries.

Instead of buying fuel, the loan is payed back after 3 years!

Save money for the poor fishermen – and save our planet!


Helping hands

Sponsors and partners who helps the project to be realised and best in any way

GPBM Industry-logo-white.png

GPBM Industry

Sponsor of the prototype with batteries and solar panels

Inlcusive.logo vit.png

Inclusive Business Sweden

Partner for creating sustainable business with local partners

Danush-logo vit.png

Dhanusha Marine Lanka

Local partner the project aim to perform a pilot with during 2019


Bjurtech is founded by Martin Bjurmalm 


Martin is educated at Högskolan Trollhättan Uddevalla and has a Bachelor of Science with major in electro. In addition he also has a degree in Electronic Communication.

Martin have worked professionally with product development, design engineering and project management for more than 18 years. He has broad knowledge within both electronic and mechanical design. He has been employed at Semcon and Pon Power (Caterpillar).

About Bjurtech

 Bjurtech AB is an innovative engineering and design bureau, founded by Martin Bjurmalm in 2016, with core business in energy, environment and maritime sectors where we drive our own product development projects.


We also offer professional services within engineering, project management and product development.


Our vision is to replace fossil fuel usage with renewable 

innovations and simplify everyday life for all people around the planet.


Office: Ekelundsvägen 20, 47532 ÖCKERÖ, Sweden

Workshop: Östra hamnen 16A, 47542 HÖNÖ, Sweden

+ 46 70 36 36 220   |    martin@bjurtech.com


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