We believe in a world without harmful pollution, so we designed a electric boat totally self-sufficient by solar energy – and named it Freepower®

Cruising speed 5,5 kn
Max speed
7 kn
6.2 m
700 kg
Solar cells
1 kW
Battery 4,5-18 kWh
3 kW
Target price
NOK 400 000,-  + VAT
Estimated delivery
Summer 2022

Electric boat powered with 100% solar energy, made of recyclable aluminum 


The electric boat recharges while driving, no need to go ashore to fuel up


Be one with the elements, without disturbing engine noise 

Energy for free

No fuel costs, the sun is there for everyone


Off grid

No need for charge batteries on shore. The solar roof is charging for you.

Easy to drive

Push a button and drive 

No range anxiety

Total control with Ecobalance meter

Multifunctional design

Can be changed according to different applications, as needed 

Robust design

Withstand harsh environments 

Almost maintenance-free

Electric motor, aluminum hull and antifouling require little maintenance 

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The autonomous idea

The autonomous idea is about freedom. Freedom to go whenever and wherever without fuel stops that creates unwanted detours. Freedom to harvest the energy around us!

The electric boat Freepower gets its energy from the sun and charges itself by just being outdoor! The autonomous electrical system takes care of the charging on its own so you can enjoy the ride instead of thinking about energy, power and charging. In other words, no need to get power from the grid on land.


To be independent of charging infrastructure, we think is real freedom! 


Develop the boat together

We run the project by Lean Startup principles.The first prototype is done and tested. We are now working on the MVP. Soon to be tested - want to join our test team?

For Scandinavian conditions

The electric boat Freepower is designed for Scandinavian conditions. It suits well in environment protected and isolated regions. People with an active lifestyle who care and use the nature for recruitment or livelihood will easily identify themselves with the boat.