About us

Bjurtech AB is the company behind Freepower® Solar Boat and is founded by Martin Bjurmalm.


Bjurtech's core business is within energy, environment and maritime sectors where we drive our own product development projects.


Our vision is to replace fossil fuel usage with renewable 

innovations and simplify everyday life for all people around the planet.


Martin is educated at Högskolan Trollhättan Uddevalla and has a Bachelor of Science with major in electro. In addition he also has a degree in Electronic Communication.

Martin have worked professionally with product development, design engineering and project management since 2000. He has broad knowledge within both electronic and mechanical design. He has been employed at Semcon and Pon Power (Caterpillar).

We also offer professional services within engineering, project management and product development.


Ekelundsvägen 20, 47532 ÖCKERÖ, Sweden

+ 46 70 36 36 220   |    martin@bjurtech.com


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