About us

Our core business is within energy, environment and maritime sectors where we drive our own product development projects. Our vision is to replace fossil fuel usage with renewable innovations and simplify everyday life for all people around the planet.

Who we are

We are two persons who not only share their lifes together, but also a vision, the passion and ideas for what Freepower will be in the future.

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Martin Bjurmalm

CEO, engineer & entrepeneur 

Martin is the founder and entrepeneur behind Freepower and responsible for all concept design and engineering around Freepower. 


Martin is educated at Högskolan Trollhättan Uddevalla and has a Bachelor of Science with major in electro. In addition he also has a degree in Electronic Communication.

Martin have worked professionally with product development, design engineering and project management since 2000. He has broad knowledge within both electronic and mechanical design. He has been employed at Semcon and Pon Power (Caterpillar).

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Isabel Bjurmalm

Customer experience & market communication

Isabel is the one who takes responsibility for all communication in all channels, visual design and design of digital services as well as all market & user research around Freepower. 


Isabel is educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the University of the Arts in London and has a Bachelor in Visual Communication. 

Isabel have worked for many years in the IT industry with visual communication, user experience (UX) and service design and loves to think broadly about how digital solutions can contribute to the development of a product, service or a customer’s focus area. On a daily basis, she works as an IT consultant at Bouvet AS, where her clients are DNV-GL, Statnett and The Norwegian Armed Forces. 

Our partners

Partners and sponsors who helps the project to be realised and implemented in best possible way.


Sture Karlsen
Chairman of the Board, SeaDrive AS

Freepower offers a unique boat concept that together with our POD are in the forefront of the development of electric boats. The fact that we both are produced locally in the same city provides synergy effects that simplify integration and cooperation.


Kristian Wenstøp
Industrial designer, Pivot Industridesign AS

Pivot Industridesign has long experience with maritime projects. We always look for the dimension in a project that can provide the best possible conditions for future generations. With Freepower, it was easy. We had the opportunity to design a boat exactly as we think it should be: Quiet, solar-powered, timeless, efficient, spacious, open, protected, flexible and virtually maintenance-free.


Nikhil André Luthra
Developer, Bouvet AS

We love both good ideas and sustainability, and therefore think it's incredibly cool to be part of Bjurtech's journey with modern technology that meets several sustainability goals! We are looking forward to the continuation.


Tomas Lars Hansson
CEO, GreenBoats AS

The reason Freepower Solar boats excite me, is the promise of self sufficiency; being able to operate off-grid. What this will means, is not always being stressed about having to find a location to charge your boat - this gives more freedom, and thats what i'm all about!


Jaroslaw Klein
CEO, Heim Maritime AS

The main reason to cooperate with Freepower is our strategy to position HEIM MARITIME AS in projects with the application of green technology. Our own focus area is the conversion of production methods to environment friendly processes.


Norwegian Trash

Recycled plastic parts on the boat



Coming service partner on Freepower  


Innovation Norway


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