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Crowdfunding campaign at


We are about to carry out a capital increase through a new share issue via a campaign on the crowdfunding platform

The campaign is now published! Read our investment offer at Folkeinvest today where you can follow our campaign and request pre-subscription, see discussions and contact us directly. The drawing window itself opens on 4 August.

Aerial Marina Shot

A huge market waiting for us

Norway can offer fantastic experiences in boats with their 100,000 km long coastline and vibrant and rich coastal culture. Not to mention all the lakes and rivers! Did you know that soon the number of leisure boats in Norway will be 1 million boats? No other country in the world has as that many leisure boats in relation to population as Norway, according to the Boating Survey 2018.

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Another way to invest then by crowdfunding, is also possible. Let's connect and discuss how we toghether can contribute to a better world and at the same time make investment grow.