Our vision

Why this boat? It's quite simple. Less poverty & CO2 in atmosphere. And your freedom to go anywhere.

Photographer: Annelie Pompe

The boat is self-sufficient on energy from the sun and will be financed by micro loans to fishermen in development countries.

Instead of buying fuel, the fisherman's uses his money on paying back the loan. After 3 years the loan is payed back!

The result is:

Saved money for the poor fishermen and less CO2 in our atmosphere! One step closer to fight poverty and save our planet.

Local fishermen in Beruwala Fishing Harbor, Sri Lanka next to their smaller fishing boats.

Our problem today

Global warming

Small scale fishing stand for 8,78M t/yr CO2


Fuel price is a big problem for poor people living in the Base of the Pyramide

Marine life is dying

Local marine life is threatened by toxic emissions

Coral reef is dying due to higher temprature in water.

Freepower® contributes for a solution

Freepower® solar boat is 100 % self sufficient on power from the sun. This will contribute to achieve:

Global warming reduces

By reduction of greenhouse gases

Poverty decreases

Saves money for the fisherman

Marine life environment improves

Saves the marine life from toxic emissions

Martin & Annelie Pompe out at sea with prototype of Freepower® Solar Boat close to Stora Ostet, Öckerö, Sweden. 

Photographer: Paul Hultsbo

Market Validation


7 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030

Target market

Fishermen living in the 
Base of the Pyramid (BoP)

Marketing plan

Local dealers

Sustainable market via inclusive local business

Micro loans

Financed to buyer via micro loans (3 year payback)

Prepaid trips per meter

Small recurring payments

Battery recycling program

Long term customer connection


Bjellandveien 13, 3172 Vear, Tønsberg, Norway

+ 47 412 777 01   |    martin@bjurtech.com


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